Monday, September 27, 2010

hot dogs and beer  

posted by Michael Piwonka 9:40 PM
The Charlotte Children's Choir has numerous fundraising activities to help choristers pay for next summer's trip to Scotland.  This past Sunday, Allie, Martha and I volunteered, along with about 20 other choir members and families, to work at a concession stand during the Charlotte Panthers' football game.

It was a long and tiring day, starting before 9am (for a 1pm kick-off), and ending around 5pm.  Arriving at the stadium at 9, I never realized how many people it takes to put on a big production like a professional football game.  There were people everyone, setting up concessions stands, preparing the field, even practicing the national anthem.

We were given some quick training on the cash register when we arrived, then we proceeded to help set things up, such as putting out mustard and ketchup dispensers in front of our stand, preparing hot dogs, nachos, etc.

The gates open 2 hours before game time, and I was told that we should have gotten fairly busy before the game started. However, some significant (and much needed) rain in the late morning either delayed people, or convinced them to stay home altogether.

But I was warned that halftime would be hectic, and it definitely was.  We had about 10 registers going, and we had lines of people 20 deep, all ready to spend very large amounts of money on snacks.  Beers were $7, and the food wasn't much cheaper, but it didn't seem to matter...people clamored to get to the window, some quite tipsy, to order more.

The amount of money contributed to the each choir member's account depends upon how good sales are, so we tried to up-sell people whenever possible...."would you like chili and sauerkraut with your hot dog?"  "would you like some peanuts to go with your drink?"  Wearing our Charlotte Children's Choir caps also gave a boost to tips.  Bringing several family members along, as Allie did, multiplies her portion of the take.

All in all it was more exhausting that I anticipated, and a lot more work than I thought.  But I have to say we laughed the entire time (even as the Panthers lost yet again), and felt really good about ourselves we when walked out after washing dishes, mopping the floor, and readying the place for the next game.

We are scheduled to volunteer for a couple more games in the coming weeks.  I'm looking forward to it.

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