Sunday, November 22, 2009

football season  

posted by Michael Piwonka 10:36 AM
Mason completed another season of Pee Wee football this fall. The team moved up a level, making them one of the youngest and most inexperienced teams in their level. They finished the season with a 3-and-5 record, but had a great time even with a disappointing record.

They ended the season on a good note, winning the last game, which was a defensive struggle. Mason had a great closing game, as he made several crucial one-on-one tackles of the opponent's quarterback, a boy who appeared to be twice Mason's size. He helped to seal the victory with an interception late in the game. At the end-of-season party, as the coach re-capped each game, he praised Mason for practically winning the last game "single-handedly".

It will be interesting to see what Mason does next year. Since he is so small, the difference in size with his peers is becoming more of an issue. While he has the speed and agility to keep up with his peers, his small stature and weight will be a bigger problem for him. We are encouraging him to take up soccer again, a game that will provide him greater chances to compete.

He had a great time, and has more fond memories.

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