Tuesday, July 21, 2009

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posted by Michael Piwonka 9:18 PM
After using a small desk for the last couple years, I decided to get a larger table to use as my desk. At the same time, I moved my office into what is currently Mason's bedroom, since he generally doesn't spend that many nights at my house.

I'm enjoying my new setup a lot, now having space to include both my home PC and my work laptop on my table. The table is actually a drafting table, complete with the ability to tilt the tabletop if desired.

The trestle-style legs provide me a platform to keep my computer and printer, and a wire management shelf under the table helps keep the tangle of wires organized.

In addition. Allie and I painted the walls a hue of blue called Tropical Splash. The camera flash has lightened the color slightly in the photo above; I hope Mason likes it when he returns from camp. (By the way, he doesn't mind me intruding in his bedroom, since he now feels like he has his very own computer in his room.)

Finally, Allie motived and helped me with the painting of the room, on her birthday, no less! It was nice of her to spend her birthday working on her brother's bedroom.

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