Saturday, June 27, 2009

italy, day 7  

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We checked out of our hotel, headed back to the train terminal to take the high-speed train back to Rome. On the trip from Rome, we rode in second class; on this trip back to Rome, we decided to ride in first class just to compare.

We both agree that first class is not worth the difference in price. The biggest difference was slightly larger seats, but the second class seats were more than comfortable enough for Martha and me.

Unlike our first hotel in Rome, this time we stayed farther away from the center of Rome, which required taking a taxi to find it. Once we got our bearings, however, we were able to take the more cost-effective bus back to the center of town.

We stayed at the Ars Hotel for our last night in Italy. While I enjoyed its clean, modern look, I prefer the smaller, older hotels in the middle of town, closer to most of the attractions.

Once we were back in the center of Rome, we started walking toward the Trevi Fountain. However, a rain shower chased us into the nearest cafe. We ate a late lunch, watching others pass by in the rain.

Before heading on to the fountain, we stopped in a small store, where I purchased myself an Italian national football team hooded sweatshirt.

Once we returned to our hotel, we decided to "live like the locals", walking to a local grocery store where we purchased a calzone, half a chicken, zucchini, and a bottle of wine. We enjoyed "brown bagging it" on the hotel's patio.

We managed to catch the end of the USA's 3-0 victory over Egypt, which, coupled with Brazil's victory over Italy, allowed the USA to advance (via goal differential) to the knock-out round of the Confederation Cup! While luck may have helped the USA advance out of pool play, they shocked Spain, the number 1-ranked team in the world, 2-0 in the semifinals this past Wednesday.

Photos from our last day in Rome can be found here.

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