Thursday, December 04, 2008

another busy weekend  

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Mason and I had a busy weekend before Thanksgiving (Allie was out of town with her mom, so it was just us guys, Oliver included).

First, on Friday evening, Mason's school choir performed at a Christmas tree lighting event at the local mall. The choir performed a total of three times over 4 hours. Last year the choir only sang a couple songs, but this year it seemed they had been elevated to headliner status. They performed probably a total of 60 minutes.

The most incredible part was that this was outside, in ~35 degree weather. We were all freezing (I was actually worried that my toes were getting dangerously cold, as I was wearing work shoes that aren't suited to cold weather), and we would huddle around space heaters behind the stage between performances. There were about 140 kids in the choir, and only 2 space heaters!

To make matters worse, we all thought that the Christmas tree on display looked rather puny (we called it the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree). But the evening did end on a rather impressive fireworks display, which put a nice ending on the event.

But the next day, Mason's choir was performing again at the Southern Christmas Show. As you can imagine, it's a big gala that kicks off the holiday season, with only one purpose in mind: get people to spend money on anything and everything.

I dropped him off at this performance (which was thankfully indoors), so I could prepare for the next event on the agenda: another of our painting parties. We continued working on the same canvas we started a couple months earlier. As is becoming increasingly the case, we spent more time socializing, and thus still haven't finished it. Oh well, I guess we'll just have to meet again and continue the fun.

Mason and I were pretty tired by this point, but our weekend wasn't over. On Sunday afternoon, we had his cub scout den over for a holiday pizza party. We watched the Panthers play the Falcons on the big screen, ending in a disappointing loss.

Once everyone was gone, Mason said something that I don't think I've ever heard him say before: "I'm going to bed early tonight." While he usually falls asleep early because he's exhausted from playing football outside, he never admits that he's tired. In fact, he contends he can stay up all night long.

Except for this weekend, when we both admitted that we weren't even going to pretend.

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