Monday, September 22, 2008

pop warner game 3  

posted by Michael Piwonka 10:38 PM
Mason had his third game of the season this past weekend. It turned out to be another relatively easy victory, after the tough game the week before.

His team won the game 27-0, and Mason had the most dramatic play of the game. He scored a touchdown from about midfield, running over defenders and breaking numerous tackles along the way.

A teammate's mom captured the run in a series of 10 photos, which can be viewed here. After spinning away from tacklers, running over tacklers, and breaking arm tackles, Mason had to pull his pants up (see the 8th photo) after a defender attempted to bring him down by his pants!

He was the celebrity of the game, and was feeling quite proud of himself. And what's more, his great moment occurred on his birthday!

Later, when I took him to lunch to celebrate his birthday, we were watching college football at a restaurant. Out of the blue, Mason commented that he just couldn't stop thinking about his touchdown run. He was so pumped he could hardly sit still.


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