Monday, August 25, 2008

hair cut  

posted by Michael Piwonka 8:28 PM
Mason has been very excited about his Pop Warner football team, and has been excelling during practice. He is often called upon by his coaches whenever there is a demonstration of the aggressiveness needed during tackling drills. Mason is quite happy to recklessly jump on whoever has the ball, drawing praise from his coaches, and awed respect from his teammates.

Consequently, his confidence, and his excitement, about the team have grown with each practice.

On a side note, I've volunteered to be some sort of an "equal play" monitor during each game, which means I'll have a checklist, watching to make sure that all players get equal time on the field.

After noticing that his long hair was quite irritating in his sweaty helmet, he decided to get it cut short. Really short.

Here is a montage of his transformation from shaggy, snaggle-toothed beach bum to clean, close-shorn, football-helmet-ready cue ball.

He is quite proud of his new look; his coaches were really complimenting on his new look, which only helped to reinforce his coolness factor.

As a sign of solidarity, I got my hair cut also (sorry, no pictures!).

Naturally, his mom is glad he finally got that mop cut off.

After his new look was complete, the lady cutting his hair had one comment: "He has Obama ears!"

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