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Allie has been wanting to fix up her room, or at a minimum, put some exciting color on the wall, for a very long time. Given that the room still had its original boring beige color, I had to agree it could use something, but I had been putting it off.

As part of her 13th birthday present, I agreed to give her room a make-over. First things first, though, we needed to paint the room, and that meant deciding on a color. Allie had mentioned numerous colors, including orange, green, silver and purple. While I was willing to do something wild, I was a little hesitant to get too crazy without seeing some samples first.

So we went to Home Depot, and looked through their paint selection. Finally, we stumbled upon a purple and lilac combination that seemed safe enough, and we went for it.

I decided (for no good reason) to paint not only the ceiling in the lilac color, but to also the top foot or so of the walls. Then the remainder of the walls would be purple.

The flash from the camera washes the purple out a little, and makes it seem more blue than it really is. It's darker and more plum-colored than the photo appears.

It only took me a few hours over the course of 3 days; it's amazing what a difference you can make to a room with just a bucket of paint and a brush.

Allie is excited about the color, which really is quite bold and regal. She's now ready to start accessorizing; I wonder if I can put that off for as long as I did the painting. I doubt it.

Here are more pictures of the process. (Yes, I gave the kids permission to scribble graffiti all over the walls before we painted.)

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I went to see how you and your better thirds were doing and reading about Allie's room, I had a flashback. I painted Alex's room "Gothic Amethyst," the darkest possible purple. You're such a cool dad. Glad you are all doing well.

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