Sunday, April 13, 2008

donating blood  

posted by Michael Piwonka 2:33 PM
I try to donate blood regularly, usually giving again as soon as the required length of time has elapsed since the last donation (8 weeks). This past Tuesday evening I had an appointment to donate again, and since the kids were staying with me for spring break, they went along also.

An otherwise mundane event turned intriguing, as Allie and Mason exhibited polar opposite behaviors during the blood letting. Allie is so "disgusted" by the sight of blood that she spent most of the 15 minutes or so in an adjacent room, peeking in occasionally to see if I was finished yet.

Mason, on the other hand, excitedly sat right next to me, watching as the bag filled up. He kept me informed of how much longer before I was finished.

He was particularly intrigued to watch the technician disinfect, identify the appropriate vein, then insert the needle (which is something I can never watch myself). He took devilish delight in running to the next room to give Allie a blow-by-blow update; I could hear her yelling for him to shut up.

But both of them managed to eat some of the complimentary pizza and cookies the blood center was giving out to donors.

Two Days Later

I use a push mower to mow my very steep lawn; I used to have a self-propelled mower, but I gave it to a first-time home owner friend of mine as a house-warming gift. (My other motivation was to get a better work-out during mowing, which is something I now usually regret when I'm about half-way through mowing.)

I'm proud to have a nice, thick, beautiful yard, which I mow weekly. I've noticed that each week my endurance has improved as I labor up the steep slopes; however, this past week I noticed that I was absolutely zapped of all energy after I finished the yard. It was quite an effort just to make some dinner for the kids and me.

Then it occurred to me that it might have something to do with having given blood. They normally advise me to avoid strenuous exercise for a day afterward, so I'm going to blame my exhaustion on the blood donation. I'll see if next week's mowing is easier...

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