Monday, February 18, 2008

mom's condition  

posted by Michael Piwonka 6:09 PM
The siblings and I have been reluctantly discussing how to continue to finance mom's assisted living arrangement. The current situation has worked out very well, as mom appears to really enjoy the place, and now considers it home.

While she still enjoys visits to the farm, and wants us kids to hold on to it, she no longer considers it home. This has made the transition much easier.

However, at approximately $5000/month, the care is not inexpensive. We are investigating various options, most of which involve selling mom's portion of the farm, preferably to us kids, but possibly to a third-party, to raise funds for her care. Knowing that mom wants us to maintain in the family, I'm sure that some or all of us will purchase mom's portion.

As part of this idea, and to address future concerns for our heirs, we're contemplating incorporating the farm, dividing the shares among us kids. We can then buy andsell shares, including mom's, as necessary.

Such is the harsh reality of taking care of aging parents. We are fortunate to have options, and to have a great facility for mom to live in.

I believe that our parents' decision to have many children is now paying off, as we are able to share the responsibilities and costs of care. I offer my thanks to my siblings who live closer to mom, since they take care of day-to-day issues.

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