Sunday, February 24, 2008

basketball championship  

posted by Michael Piwonka 2:53 PM
Mason's basketball team won his league's championship yesterday.

They had lost only one game all season; the championship game was a rematch with the team that had defeated them during the season.

The most interesting part of the game was that the league brought brought in "real " officials that were much more strict than the high school students who officiated during the season. The guys had been given a lot of leeway regarding traveling, double dribbles, and the like. However, yesterday the teams were surprised to find every small infringement called, including the first-ever 3-second-violation for a league of 8-year-olds! The coaches were also surprised, and couldn't do much to instruct the kids during the game about these stricter rules.

I actually felt that other team played with better teamwork, but were called for double-dribbling repeatedly because a couple players kept "palming" the ball (something that's done in the NBA all the time). While the officials were applying the rules accurately and consistently, it probably was a little unfair to both teams because of the sudden and unexpected rigid application of rules.

In any case, Mason has a championship trophy to show off.

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