Saturday, October 13, 2007

football, game 2  

posted by Michael Piwonka 4:28 PM
The kids and I went to our second middle school football game of the season on Thursday; we missed last week's "away" game. The team won again, by a score of 8-to-0, giving them a perfect record of 3-0.

Just like prior to the first game, Allie instructed me that she would prefer that I not talk to her too much, as she wants to be independent, socializing with her friends. I laughed when she requested that, but honored her request since I would prefer to watch the game anyway.

This morning I was telling her how I felt sad that she was growing up so quickly. We discussed her instructions to me prior to the game, and she said that it actually made her feel bad to tell me that, but she wants to spend time alone with her friends.

In fact, she continued, once she's in high school, she probably won't even want me to come to the games at all. And if I do, she probably won't speak to me when I'm there. But then she added "Except if I need money."

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