Saturday, October 13, 2007


posted by Michael Piwonka 4:12 PM
The southeastern portion of the United States continues to experience a severe drought. Locally, we've been under mandatory water restrictions for the past few weeks, meaning no watering of lawns or washing of cars.

My yard has turned brown, but my trees and bushes are doing well because we are allowed to water them via hand-held hose. Many neighbors have lost ornamental shrubbery.

The temperatures have returned to normal for this time of the year, with lows in the 40s and highs in the 70s. Hopefully this will reduce the stress on the yard. However, the normally beautiful fall colors are expected to be disappointing this year since the drought is causing leaves to fall prematurely.

Under normal conditions, October is a relatively dry month. Unfortunately for us, that trend looks like it will continue.


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