Thursday, September 13, 2007

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posted by Michael Piwonka 9:14 PM
The kids and I spent this evening wandering around the mall, everyone pointing out all things that they absolutely need, but fortunately, purchasing nothing.

As we were sitting in the food court, eating something of dubious nutritional value, the kids were rambling on about whatever was on their minds, as is often the case. Allie spends more and more time these days on the lookout for either the latest fashions or for "cute guys". I try to explain that she's already with the cutest guy in the mall (me, of course), but for some reason she doesn't agree.

In fact, she said that she's now getting to the age where she is sometimes embarrassed to be seen with her dad in public, particularly at the mall. Wondering if it was just me, I asked "What about mom?"

"Yeah. Mom, too" she answered.

"And Mason?" I asked. "Mason too."

I wondered if the same were true for the dog: "What about Oliver?" "Oh, Oliver's okay. He's like an accessory."

Quickly we were on to the next topic, which was whether I am currently dating. Nimbly I attempted to avoid any direct questions, providing nebulous and misleading answers where possible. Mason would have none of it, and pressed on; Allie wanted to know all, promising not to tell anyone else, except maybe Mom and her friends at school (who, pray tell, would that exclude? I asked).

I finally provided some names, both real and imagined, before Allie commented that she always wanted to be related to a black person. Perhaps I could marry a black woman?

She has mentioned several times before that she wants to adopt a black child when she grows up; maybe I could get her black relative sooner than that. I said I would try my best, but maybe I'll have them ask Uncle Dennis to help out.

The kids asked if I thought he would ever get married. I said I didn't know, but if they expressed their desire for a black relative, maybe that would motivate him. Allie and Mason are already planning his honeymoon.

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