Sunday, September 09, 2007

first voices  

posted by Michael Piwonka 9:59 AM
Yesterday Mason and I attended Allie's "First Voices" performance of the Charlotte Children's Choir. It's the first performance of the season, and is actually more of a marketing ploy for parents and family to donate time and/or finances to the choir.

Between the pleas for money, the various choirs give a short performance of the work for which they've only had a couple practices. Even with the newness of the material, the choirs are still very impressive. What I particularly enjoyed is the explanation by the choir directors of how they teach the choristers, depending upon the age of the choir members. It's fascinating to watch the progression of demands and skills as the children "move up" to each choir.

We've been trying to impress upon Mason how much fun and rewarding it would be to be in the choir, but have had limited success. However, he did just make the school choir, and one of our old neighbors, who's now a high school singer in the all-male choir, was cajoling Mason after the performance about joining.

I think he's getting closer to doing it. He's just a little daunted by the whole idea, but he actually does show signs of talent. He would never regret it.

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