Tuesday, August 14, 2007


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Even though she had low-grade mono, Allie still had a wonderful time at camp. When I picked her up on Friday, she was typically excited to talk all the way home, sharing all her adventures from the previous two weeks.

This summer her schedule included the following:
Allie had sent me several letters, including a diagram of a canoe, explaining things like the bow, starboard, gullies, etc. She also sent me a couple of her riflery targets, as she does every year.

But she was most excited about the jewelry she had made, including rings and necklaces for her and Penny, and bookmarks for Mason and me. She had some glass beads left over from camp, so we went to the craft store when we got home, purchased some memory wire, and made additional necklaces and bookmarks. I really enjoyed making jewelry with Allie on Saturday.

We've created a tradition of sort by compiling a scrapbook each year of trinkets, letters, awards and other items from camp. We spent the majority of the weekend arranging everything neatly into her scrapbook. One of the most interesting sections of the scrapbook was the part dealing with Allie's numerous visits to the "health hut", where she attempted to recover from her mono.

We had a busy and fun weekend, reliving every minute of her wonderful camp experience.

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