Sunday, August 19, 2007

home theatre  

posted by Michael Piwonka 7:36 PM
The theatre is complete! I finally got around to painting the room and installing the surround speakers, so my home theatre is now finished. I still can't believe that the screen is about 7 feet wide! That's officially a 92" diagonal.

The speaker "stands" are actually two concrete bird bath stands I got at Home Depot. I will either paint the stand that's holding the electronics to match the stands, or I will build something. Either way, I will figure out a way to clean up the mess of wires behind it.

I had help from Allie and Mason painting the room. It was originally a beige color (the seemingly universal boring color that all builders use in new homes); we painted it the same brown color as my living room, simply because I had two gallons of that color left over.

I pilfered a futon from Allie's room, along with the side table I built several years ago. Allie says that she's not sure I will be able to keep the futon in here; I'll have to negotiate with her later!

I have two 3-foot square pillows that I will have covered so we will also be able to lounge on the floor. I may add a coffee table, but that might interfere with the kids' ability to sprawl on the floor.

The most important question is how does the picture look? With the ability to display 720p or 1080i resolution, the picture is simply stunning. This picture of the screen doesn't do it justice:

I had a couple friends over last night to christen the place; I think I'm going to become a lot more popular now, as my friends are already planning football viewing parties at my house...

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