Sunday, August 19, 2007

3 years in the making  

posted by Michael Piwonka 8:34 PM
A couple weekends ago we implemented a software project that we had been working on for 3 years. At a cost of ~$2.5 million, we came in under budget.

Also, amazingly the delivery date was set 3 years ago also, and we missed it by 1 month! But I need to add that the month delay was because the client wasn't ready to implement, not because the product wasn't ready.

I had been working a lot of hours in the last month or so, preparing for the implementation. It feels good to actually have a weekend where I don't have to do anything related to the project.

We will continue to work on related activities for the foreseeable future since the client has already compiled a long laundry list of enhancements. Cha-ching!!

A friend of mine had commented the other night that I hadn't been blogging as frequently as before (I still am surprised to learn that people actually visit this site). My excuse was that after spending all day (and sometimes night) working on the computer, I had no desire to sit down and spend more time on the computer. Now that my schedule is returning to "normal", I hope to blog a little more often.


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