Monday, June 25, 2007

swimming and diving  

posted by Michael Piwonka 7:29 PM
The kids are once again enjoying the swim and dive teams. It seems like there's a meet for one of the teams every couple days in June.

The kids are continuing to get better, particularly Mason, who's suddenly caught the competitive bug. Each time he gets out of the pool after a swim, the first thing he asks is where he placed; he gets upset if he doesn't finish well.

I told him and Allie that competitions are won during practice, not at the event. They looked at me somewhat confused, so I just told them to practice hard, and good things will happen.

However, we have had several meets postponed because of thunderstorms in the evening. While I would just as soon get the meets over with, we've been in a drought this spring, so the rain is welcome. We just reschedule the meets; if a meet gets rained out twice, it's canceled.

We had a make-up meet Saturday morning, and I hustled over after my morning softball game, just in time to witness both of them get DQ'd (disqualified) doing the backstroke. Both of them turned a little early to reach for the edge of the pool, turning over on their stomaches as they stretched. Turning over is not legal, consequently both were DQ'd.

Many kids, particularly the young ones, are guilty of doing that because they're afraid they'll hit their heads, swimming blindly straight into the edge of the pool. As they get older and more experienced, they'll get better at gauging the remaining distance by the flags stretched perpendicularly across the pool for just the purpose of warning the swimmers.

Both have been excited lately as they take seconds off their best times in the various strokes.

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