Monday, June 25, 2007

softball tournament  

posted by Michael Piwonka 7:10 PM
I played with my old softball team this past weekend in the end of the season tournament. I had only played the first game of the season, a couple months ago, with them; my friend called about 7pm on Friday, desperate for another player at 8 the next morning.

I agreed, but said that I had plans for the evening should we have another game then. We won the morning game, and the team told me they had enough players for the 6pm game.

Naturally, they called at about 3pm, desperate once again; it seemed some player couldn't make it. I had plans to watch my friend Scott play jazz on an outdoor stage in the early evening...I figured I could play the game, then I would be a little late for the performance.

As luck would have it, we lost in the bottom of the last inning; our fielding was good, but our bats absent. After I raced home to shower, I made it to the music venue just as the act following Scott's, a very uncreative rap-over-sampled-music act, took the stage. Scott had already gone home. While the music wasn't to my liking, the scene made for great people-watching; I don't know when was the last time I saw so many tattoos, piercings, dreadlocks, tie-dye, and exposed skin (most of which should have been covered). I must be getting old.

Well, the loss put us in the loser's bracket, with a 1pm game in the heat of the day on Sunday (of course they needed all the players they could get). Next day, same story: we lost in the last inning because we couldn't get a timely hit.

While I didn't really care we lost (because I got home in time for some real sport, watching USA beat Mexico for the Gold Cup), it did signify the changing of the guard. Our team has been winning the season title and tournament for many years, and many other teams were surprised that we were knocked out so early. I believe age is starting to catch up with us, as most of the other teams suddenly seem younger, faster and stronger.

Next year I will try yet again to not play on the team, but I'm always a sucker when the team is short-handed.

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