Sunday, May 13, 2007

painting party  

posted by Michael Piwonka 5:08 PM
Yesterday a group of friends dropped by to help paint some of the blank canvases that I have hanging in my house. We were able to complete 3 canvases, each of which measure 36 inches by 60 inches.

Our friend, Jerry, an accomplished artist, came up with the concept for the compositions. He also brought by several of his works, which are simply spectacular: a 9/11 tribute (painted on an actual U.S. flag), a work-in-progress tribute to our fallen soldiers (yes, he intended to spell soldier like that), a screen with the sign language words Live Life Love, and a Virginia Tech memorial.

Given that most of us had no experience painting, Jerry decided to go with simple geometric shapes on a black background. Once he drew the shapes on a grid, he numbered them so the rest of us could basically paint by number.

We ended up painting squares, circles and triangles. The colors gradually darkened from top to bottom, with the illusion that they eventually fade to black. We also threw in a color from the other paintings to tie the three together.

Here's the squares painting, in blue:

I hung the circles and triangles next to each other in my living room. And here is a picture of my living room, showing all three:

I would like to thank my friends who came by to paint: Barbara, BJ, Dave, Doug, Jerry, Kevin, Mike, Nancy, Noel, Peter, Randall, Sergio, Sharon and Vicki. I had a good time, and now I have some color in my living room.

But I have more canvases yet to paint...maybe we'll do it again.

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