Saturday, May 26, 2007

corneal ulcer  

posted by Michael Piwonka 4:58 PM
I managed to scratch the cornea in my left eye this past Sunday, probably while removing my contact.

After first I didn't think much of it, assuming the irritation would go away eventually. However, the next day at work my eye was bothering me enough that I couldn't wait to get home and take out my contact. By the second day, it was practically unbearable.

The doctor said that it was a corneal ulcer, and it was starting to get infected. After a couple days of antibiotic drops and antibiotic salve, and two trips to the doctor, my eye is feeling just about normal.

The doctor dilated my eye during the first visit, and it took a couple days for my eye to return to normal. My previous experience was that my eye would be back to normal within a couple hours, not days. However, the doctor told me during the second visit that they used medication that causes dilation for several days. Other than making the sunlight incredibly bright, there is no issue with my eye being dilated for a couple days.

I have another (and hopefully last) visit this coming Wednesday. While I'm there, I plan to also get a new prescription for my contacts.


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