Sunday, April 01, 2007

spring break  

posted by Michael Piwonka 6:33 PM
The kids are on spring break this coming week. This year is Penny's turn to spend spring break with the kids, after our trip to Washington, DC last year.

Penny's plans for the week took an unexpected turn after an unfortunate incident on Thursday. Penny's parents had planned a cruise to the Caribbean with Penny's neice and her friend (originally the trip was for two neices, but when one backed out she was replaced by a friend of the other neice). However, Penny's mom was admitted to the hospital last week (we all hope she's doing well).

Rather than let the tickets go to waste, they called Penny to see if she would go with the neice and her friend. Penny had less than 24 hours to decide what to do. After some initial reluctance, Penny decided to go, taking Allie with her on the other ticket.

That left Mason the odd man out. However, Penny was able to line up a series of events with his other cousins in Georgia so his spring break should turn out to be fun even though he didn't get to go on the trip. I'm confident that he'll get his turn one day.

I know the girls with have fun; I hope that Mason has a memorable spring break also.

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