Sunday, April 01, 2007

politics as usual  

posted by Michael Piwonka 10:05 PM
Politics in America always amazes me. And disappoints me.

Case in point, the current scandal over U.S. attorneys is easily explained...depending upon which side of the political fence you reside.

On the far-left, inhabited by the likes of, it's yet another example of full-scale incompetence and/or corruption by the Bush administration. While on the other extreme, inhabited by the likes of Fox News, it's just a witch-hunt by the Democrats in search of a target.

I find both extremes of the political spectrum to be just a bunch of blow-hards, and are quite off-putting.

But the most amazing thing about them is that they can change their positions depending upon who is the target of scrutiny. If the current administration were Democratic, then the players would simply change sides. The far right would condemn "Purgegate" as repulsive, worthy of impeachment, while the far left would dismiss it as a non-issue, since U.S. attorneys serve at the "pleasure of the President".

I think it would really be interesting to see how everyone would play their cards if Bush would have had an affair with an intern during his term. With the roles reversed, I wonder if the Democrats would cry for impeachment, and the Republicans would say that Bush's personal life is none of our business. (At this point, the Republicans would probably go for blood also, wanting to jump off Bush's already sinking ship before the next election cycle. However, in the absence of his myriad other problems, it would be interesting to watch the Republicans do an about-face after Clinton.)

I listen to XM Radio in the car, and sometimes I get a voyeuristic (albeit brief) urge to listen to the political commentary channels. The interesting thing is sometimes it's actually possible to listen to the far-left or far-right channel without knowing which one I'm listening to. Both channels just call the other side moronic imbeciles; I've determined that both are correct.

It's actually quite humorous, if not disturbing. Both sides seem to be oblivious to the fact that they sound identical the other. And neither can come up with very articulate arguments for their positions, probably because of the intelligence level of their respective audiences. Their blather is simply a case of preaching to the choir, but I guess the choir is listening intently, given the popularity of such programming.

Perhaps the most bizarre trait of the two extremes is how they incessantly complain about how the "mainstream media" panders to the other side. My complaint about the mainstream media is that it's not really a news service, but rather entertainment. However, for the extremists, if the media doesn't spread their style of propaganda, it must be part of some conspiracy controlled by the other side. Paranoia is another trait they have in common.

Well, it doesn't take too much flipping back and forth between the two to realize that I'm better off with one of the other 200 or so channels, most likely the ever-dependable Classic Rock channel. That's something we can all agree on, regardless of political affiliation (unless you're a moronic imbecile that listens to Country music).


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