Wednesday, April 18, 2007

little league baseball  

posted by Michael Piwonka 10:04 PM
Mason's baseball team has been practicing for several weeks, and the new season kicked off this past Saturday. Opening ceremonies included the introduction of every child in the league, in both baseball and girl's softball.

Mason's age group plays in the "coach pitch" league; the team's coach pitches to his own players. Each hitter gets 5 pitches to hit, else they're out. The games last 6 innings, with a 5-run limit per inning.

Mason's team is called The Nationals. The team looks quite smart in their red uniforms.

They had their first game later that morning, and unfortunately they lost 10-6. It was a lot of fun, and many of the kids, Mason included, had never played in a "real" game before.

While several of Mason's teammates are larger than he is, and can hit the ball farther, he always puts the ball in play. Many of the other players occasionally strike out.

The team played their second game this evening. Mason got his first RBI of the season, putting his team ahead 5-4. Unfortunately, the other team got 2 runs in the bottom of the last inning to win 6-5.

Even though the team is off to a slow start, they are improving with each game, and are sure to get their first win soon.

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