Friday, April 27, 2007

a kinder, gentler internal revenue service  

posted by Michael Piwonka 7:43 PM
I had mentioned before about problems that Penny and I had with our 2005 taxes that we filed jointly.

Since Penny's CPA had made some (expensive) mistakes on the return, Penny (and/or the CPA) agreed to pay the penalties that the IRS applied. Penny also wrote a letter to the IRS, basically pleading for them to reduce/remove the penalties, explaining that the separation and impending divorce had thrown our lives into turmoil, leading to the bungled tax return.

Well, miracles never cease! This past week we both received letters from the IRS saying that because we had a spotless record of paying taxes accurately and promptly in the past, the IRS was going to refund the penalties. (However, my letter stressed that this was a one-time refund; next time they wouldn't be so forgiving.)

Since the refund will be coming to me (my name was first on the return), I'll sign it over to Penny since she paid the penalties.

Everyone I tell this story to says they can't remember ever hearing of the IRS giving a refund in such a case. I'm a little more than surprised.

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