Friday, April 27, 2007

insurance claim  

posted by Michael Piwonka 8:05 PM
Back in January, we had some very cold weather, particularly in the mountains. I had left the heat on at the cabin in Blowing Rock at 55 degrees, to prevent the pipes from freezing.

During that cold spell, the propane tank at the cabin ran out of fuel, leaving the cabin with no heat. In single-digit temperatures, the pipes froze. $2500 later, there are new water lines throughout! $2500! Ouch.

The contract that I have with the local propane supplier says that they will make sure the tank never runs out. For several reasons, including unusually cold weather, along with a lack of usage history on the cabin, the company failed to re-fill the tank in time (evidently this happened to many houses in the area).

I called them up, stating that the failure to keep the tank filled had caused the freezing of the pipes. The representative I spoke to sounded as though he was fully expecting me to call (I assume they had been bombarded with similar calls); without hesitation, he told me to send the invoice to him, and he would file it with the company's insurance company.

My spirits improved mightily.

Well, skip forward a couple months: I received a check for $2500 in the mail yesterday. Everything is perfect in the universe. No money out of my pocket, and there's new plumbing at the cabin now!

On a related subject, I just had washer/dryer hookups installed this past week for rental purposes (but unfortunately, I won't be getting reimbursed for that).


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