Sunday, April 22, 2007


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After returning from the hike with Mason's Scout Pack, we cleaned ourselves up and hurried to meet the Logan's to watch Grease as presented by students at Alexander Graham Middle School. (Allie will go to "AG" next year.)

The play was very impressive. Many of the kids are very good singers, and even greater hams. While there were a few gaffes, the production was a hit.

There were a couple things that gave me a smile. First, the playbill had the title of the show as Grease (The School Version). The fact that someone found it necessary to include "The School Version" in the title was undoubtedly there to assuage any parents' concerns about some of the racier portions of the original. The play was rewritten slightly to be appropriate for a middle school musical.

The other thing I found humorous was the young girl who sat in front of the stage, responsible for all the music and sound effects for the show. All she did was push the Play/Pause button on her iPod at the appropriate time. Everything, music and effects, were stored on the iPod sequentially. A small cable ran from the iPod to an old antiquated amplifier/mixer that had been relegated to the job of simply powering the speakers that flanked the stage.

It's just a sign of the times...all the sound needed for a musical production can be stored on a little gadget the size of a credit card. Times they are a changing.

The kids enjoyed the show; Allie watched with particular interest, as she envisions the not-too-distant future when she's up there on the stage. I can't wait.

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