Friday, April 06, 2007

aggie basketball  

posted by Michael Piwonka 3:36 PM
I'm sad to hear that Texas A&M's basketball coach, Billy Gillespie, decided to take the Kentucky coaching job.

I'm sure that many Aggies are upset; in fact, I've already read some commentaries complaining that Gillespie is a traitor, that he betrayed A&M. But I just look at it as part of business of big-time college sports.

Gillespie helped put A&M on the basketball map, and this is his reward. I hope he does well at Kentucky, and will probably even root for his success there (unless they're playing A&M).

Immediately, people were comparing Gillespie's leaving for Kentucky with Franchione's departure from Alabama to A&M. Whatever similarities or differences, it's just the nature of the beast. There's big money involved, and I don't know that I would pass up an opportunity for money/prestige if the right thing came along (and I'll take significantly less than Gillespie did).

Now that A&M has a basketball program of note, the question is will the program continue to improve? I'm interested to see who A&M pursues. I believe that the school has already reversed the image of a football-only school, and that should be appealing to someone looking to step into Gillespie's shoes.

And whoever it is, I'm sure fans of the school he's leaving will feel betrayed...


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