Saturday, March 17, 2007

pinecar derby, part II  

posted by Michael Piwonka 4:34 PM
Today Mason's Cub Scout Pack had its annual Pinecar Derby. We had official weigh-in last night, after which the cars were impounded until this morning.

The rules are simple: each car races 4 times, once in each of the 4 lanes of the track. Gravity is the only means of propulsion. Each Den within the Pack races against itself, with the top 4 cars advancing to the Pack finals later in the day. Every scout gets a trophy, and the top 4 racers get another trophy corresponding to their finishing position.

Mason, in his first derby, came in first in Den 12! In fact, he won each of the four heats he participated in.

After each Den completed their races, and prior to the Finals, there was an open division for Parents and Siblings of the Scouts. Here are some very creative entries in the P&S division:

From the six Dens in Pack 116, 24 cars competed in the Finals to make the "Final 8"; the final eight cars started over to determine the top 4 racers in the Pack.

Mason barely made the Final 8, finishing with this first place finish in the last heat (racing backwards!). Many races were photo finishes, requiring reviews on a camera filming the finish line to determine the winner. Here is a tight race, with Mason finishing third (the racers finished first through fourth from left to right).

Mason finished tied for 4th place overall, but won the run-off race to capture another trophy!

After seeing the fun that some had designing elaborate, crazy cars, next year I definitely intend to win the "Best Design" award (winning races will be secondary). Congratulations to Mason for winning 4th place overall!

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