Saturday, February 03, 2007

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posted by Michael Piwonka 11:41 AM
I've been feeling sad for Allie the last few days. She told me on Tuesday how she felt slighted because she didn't get a solo singing part in the 5th-grade show that's coming up later in the school year.

Allie felt that the teacher who is in charge of the production always picks her favorite students for the "lead" roles, which means ever year the same group of students get the choice parts. While she did feel that the students in those leading parts were talented, she felt that she was perhaps unfairly passed over again.

I told Allie that she is a very good singer, and that I'm proud of her. And that she shouldn't let any teacher get her down. I told her to do her best in the part she did get, and have fun with it; there will be other opportunities, and fortunately, other teachers.

Not wanting to be one of those parents who thinks that my child is better than everyone else's, I'm trying to refrain from saying that Allie's talents are far superior to her peers. In fact, I think that one reason she hasn't gotten a lead role is that she isn't assertive enough; Allie is very polite and thoughtful, and doesn't bring attention to herself.

I had told her that perhaps she needs to make herself seen more; however, I tempered that comment by telling her that I loved the thoughtful, nice girl that she is, that I love Allie as is. I'm not sure I want my little Allie to change her sweet personality just to get a lead role in a school play.

But I tried to explain to her that the world rarely opens the door for have to knock on the door, and sometimes maybe kick it in.

But is that kind of person Allie is?

I told her that I remember being in drama class in high school, and a couple of times feeling that I didn't get a chance to show my stuff when I didn't get the part I wanted. In retrospect, however, I was too shy to assert myself. I didn't have the courage to ask for (or perhaps, demand) the part I wanted.

I'm confident that this will pass, and Allie won't be deterred in the future. After all, she's not in four choirs simultaneously without talent.

And, to prove that fact, Allie is performing a solo tonight for a one of her choirs at a local college. Personally, I think she should be more proud of that since her choir instructors obviously think a lot of her, and they evaluate singing talent daily; the school teacher does this part-time.

I can't wait to see the performance tonight.

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