Monday, January 01, 2007

texas trip, part 2  

posted by Michael Piwonka 12:48 PM
Mark and Sue had a small party to watch Texas A&M play in the Holiday Bowl. The game didn't turn out well, as A&M was completely dominated. But we had fun nonetheless.

On Friday, the kids and I set out for Dallas, traveling there for the family Christmas party on Saturday. We encountered severe weather, including downpours and incredible (if not disconcerting) lightning displays. While we were forced to travel slowly at times, we arrived at Thomas' house without incident. We learned the next day that a couple of the towns we traveled through had received tornado damage from the same storms.

All 10 siblings were at the party, part of the 42 or so people gathered there. We hadn't all been together at one time in several years.

As usual, we had many laughs, smiles and hugs. Thomas has a wonderful house for entertaining, and the kids enjoyed playing in the back yard.

Leaving the next morning was difficult. We always have such a good time that going back home is bittersweet. It's nice to get back home, but our trips are never long enough.

We saw lots of rain this trip, arriving in Dallas in the rain, driving around the state in the rain, and arriving back in Charlotte in the rain. However, we'll take that any day when compared to the drought and grass fires we encountered last year.

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