Sunday, January 28, 2007

the dinosaur and the black widow  

posted by Michael Piwonka 3:09 PM
An unfortunate aspect of growing older is that our imagination becomes limited by our previous experiences. While experience provides us with wisdom, it also constrains our creativity, forming the boundaries of what we know, and what makes us comfortable.

It is that thing that makes older people become more conservative. The excitement of the unknown may have intrigued us when we were young, but it makes us feel uneasy as we grow older. We may even fear the unknown, and we're often amazed that others would think differently.

I try to look at the world from different perspectives whenever I can. Generally that means whenever I have the perspective to realize that there may be other perspectives. It's a catch-22 scenario, one that many of us fall prey to.

The other day Mason asked for helped on a paper who was writing for school. The purpose of the paper was to reinforce story development; Mason said that he needed a beginning, a middle and an end to his story. That sounded good to me, as I enjoy crafting a story as much as anyone.

But when he told what he wanted to write about, I was thrown for a curve. The title of his story was The Dinosaur and the Black Widow. He very logically combined two creatures that are interesting to his second-grade imagination. But for the life of me, I couldn't figure out how those two things could go together in a story.

Such an unlikely pairing.

I don't remember what we ended up with, but as Mason informed me later, he received a smiley-face "stamp" on his paper, so it was a good story. For some reason, I remember that the dinosaur accidentally stepped on his friend, ending the spider's life. I guess it was Mason's first attempt at a tragic love story. (Watch out, Shakespeare!)

I had a birthday last week, and the years are obviously catching up with me. What was obvious to Mason still evades me.


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