Sunday, December 03, 2006


posted by Michael Piwonka 2:42 PM
I received an unpleasant surprise this past week. I received a friendly letter from Penny and Charlie's CPA informing me that, due to an error, we owe more taxes for 2005, along with interest and penalties.

Penny explanation of the problem left me slightly confused, but it appears that Penny and the CPA are simply pointing fingers at each other, claiming the other was at fault. I guess I would side with Penny because the CPA is paid to prevent such things from happening.

However, it's probably irrelevant because the CPA isn't going to assume any of the blame.

From my perspective, I don't really care. I'll pay my half of the additional taxes, but I've told Penny that I won't be paying any of the penalties or interest because I would have paid the taxes on time in the absence of their error. I'll let her and the CPA fight over the details.

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