Sunday, October 22, 2006

popcorn sales  

posted by Michael Piwonka 9:23 AM
Yesterday Allie and I went with Mason to raise money for his Cub Scouts by selling popcorn at a popular strip center.

Mason, joined by fellow scout Josh, was a little shy at first, hesitant to ask people walking by if they would like to purchase some popcorn. The boys were selling packages of unpopped microwave popcorn, along with tins of pre-popped caramel-covered and chocolate-covered popcorn.

But once Mason made his first successful sale, he became a selling machine, often disgusted if a potential client slipped by without his solicitation. The parent of the other scout, who never really became assertive in his sales technique, urged his boy to be more like Mason.

In fact, Mason became so excited with the potential of selling his goods that he would mark on his order sheet when someone would tell him that they would stop back by when they came out of the nearby store; in effect, Mason was filling his "pipeline" of potential sales.

His energy and enthusiasm garnered a few extra sales as several people were amazed at his sales technique. We tried to split the sales between Josh and Mason to keep everything equal, but if the truth be told, Mason actually did all of the selling.

When the next group of scouts came by to relieve us, they also noticed Mason's sales ability, and jokingly asked if he would help them sell popcorn. Mason immediately jumped at the suggestion, but I reminded him that we had to go so we could make the next item on his busy agenda: flag football.

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