Friday, October 20, 2006


posted by Michael Piwonka 8:30 PM
Allie explained to me this evening that there are a couple young men at her school that like her. In fact, there appears to be a small competition between the two guys to win Allie's affection.

One of them claimed that he sits with Allie on the bus (Allie says he does ride the same bus, but that they don't sit together), while the other countered that he had memorized Allie's phone number.

As the stakes ratcheted up, one even offered to buy Allie a ring. Allie, who's not particularly enamored with either of them, informed the young man that buying her a ring would simply be "a waste of money." So far, he hasn't made good on his offer.

I'm smiling about this story today, but in a few years, I may be less amused to hear about young men trying to impress Allie.


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