Monday, September 11, 2006

laptop repairs  

posted by Michael Piwonka 6:31 PM
With divorce papers in hand, I was reminiscing earlier today about an incident from last week.

When I went over to Penny's apartment on Tuesday to pick up the kids for our weekly evening together, Penny asked if I could fix her laptop, since she could no longer connect wirelessly to a network connection. (Of course, that connection was one of several unsecured networks left exposed by careless wireless router owners within the complex. I personally don't have a problem with anyone piggybacking on an unsecured network; I view it as the owner's fault.)

Expecting this day to eventually come, given Penny's technical expertise, I had practiced by retort many times: You're on your own now, honey. Or perhaps: Get Charlie to fix it; he's your handy man now (knowing full well he can't fix it either). Or any of several other vindictive responses.

But, alas, when she said it would be for the kids' use, I didn't even bother to open my mouth. I simply took the laptop home with me, and after determining that her wireless network card was missing required drivers, I downloaded the drivers on my laptop and installed them on hers (without bothering to figure out how the drivers mysteriously disappeared in the first place).

Presto, problem solved.

I suppose I'm glad that I kept my quick tongue silent, and just helped her (and the kids) out. Even though I was quietly waiting for the day when I could tell her that I would no longer be solving her issues, it feels better to express them here than to have caused a scene. This way I sort of get the best of both worlds...

But when the computer invariably breaks again, it may just be time to suggest someone like the Geek Squad.

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