Saturday, August 26, 2006

painting the house  

posted by Michael Piwonka 6:52 PM
After Elizabeth, my friend and interior decorator, picked out a palette of colors for my house, I contacted 3 painters to get estimates. All were highly recommended, with the one Elizabeth suggested being substantially cheaper than the others. The only problem is that he is booked solid until October.

Since I'm excited to get started immediately, I'm going to start painting some of the easier parts myself, leaving the more demanding painting to him. Since he estimated each room separately, including separate quotes for ceilings, walls and doors, I can easily calculate the savings by doing some parts myself.

I also got an estimate to stain my back deck, and paint/stain my front porch. Also, I'm painting the basement garage because I don't like the look of floated but unpainted sheetrock.

The colors for the interior of the house are fairly neutral, but will be dark enough to give the house some character. We haven't figured out what colors I'll do the kids' rooms in, but if Allie gets her wishes for a silver room, it should be quite unique.


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