Monday, August 07, 2006

home theatre  

posted by Michael Piwonka 2:09 AM
I helped install another home theatre in a friend's house this weekend. We set up a system of 5 small speakers and a subwoofer in their den, along with additional speakers in their dining room and patio. We used a set of speakers in the den that I had purchased while living in an apartment.

The hardest part, as always, was running the speaker wires. My friends Dan and Miller had the difficult and dirty job of crawling, literally, under the house, pulling speaker wires to various areas. Parts of the system were previously wired, but the remaining parts were difficult to reach.

It took a couple of days to complete, but once everything was wired and working, the family was ecstatic.

For my efforts, Miller purchased me a new spiral saw from Home Depot, which we used to cut the circular holes in the beadboard of the patio ceiling. I'm excited to get a new tool, and am looking for any reason to cut circles...


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