Wednesday, April 12, 2006


posted by Michael Piwonka 9:47 PM
Allie will be performing in All That Jazz with the Charlotte Children's Choir on April 29. I've very excited for her, and can't wait to watch her performance.

However, I let my resentments rear their ugly heads when I learned that Penny intended to bring her business partner, Charlie, with her to the event. I would like to think that I've risen above it all, but find that I am still overcome by resentment at the thought of their relationship.

However, some gentle advice from friends helped to bring me back to reality. I have no control over Penny and Charlie, and obsessing about them only allows them to influence my happiness.

Besides, if the marriage that Penny and her dad envision comes to pass, this incident will become a common occurrence. I had better develop the maturity to deal with it, or else I may just drown in my own self-pity.

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