Saturday, April 08, 2006

panther stadium  

posted by Michael Piwonka 8:31 PM
Mason and I took a tour of Bank of America Stadium today. It was an Indian Guides-sponsored event.

We really enjoyed the tour, and were impressed by many of the stats we heard, such as the 732 flat-screen TVs all over the stadium, over 800 miles of cables, 16,000 light fixtures, 95 restrooms, etc.

The stadium was started in 1994, completed in 1996, at a cost of ~$160 million. Today it would cost $600 million to build the same complex. (The Panthers franchise was bought for $180 million; a new franchise today would cost $800 million.)

We visited one of the luxury suites, and learned that it cost $300,000/season to lease, but that doesn't include the $250/ticket/game for all attendees, or the food and drink. Not surprisingly, 90% of the luxury suites are leased by corporations.

The Panthers used a couple clever marketing ploys when the franchise was started. The official Panthers' logo is shaped like the outline of North and South Carolina, thereby including both the states as "home" to the team. Also, dirt was brought back from each county in North and South Carolina, deposited on the playing field.

Mason wants to go to a Panther game this fall; I told him I would try to get some tickets if the price isn't too high. I've been to a couple games, but that was back when the Panthers were winning a game or two per season, and people were practically giving tickets away. After recent successes, tickets are hard to come by.


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