Sunday, March 26, 2006

spring break, day 1  

posted by Michael Piwonka 9:02 PM
We spent the majority of the day in the car, driving from Charlotte to Raleigh-Durham, picking up Dennis at the airport, then on to Herndon, VA. We're staying at a Staybridge hotel.

The trip went amazingly well, with the kids being entertained by coloring, an iPod, XM Radio, and math and spelling problems. Both enjoy doing math problems in the car, and it makes me happy to see their interest in math (and all subjects).

One thing that impressed both Dennis and I was how Allie extrapolated how long it would take to reach our destination. She did this by estimating how long it took to go a mile; she watched the mile markers on the side of the road while monitoring the clock in the car. She then multiplied that amount of time bt the number of miles remaining, which she calculated because we had discussed which exit number we were going to take.

She did this because she was tired of us always telling her it was 20 minutes until we reached our destination.

Dennis and I commented that there were a lot of adults who wouldn't be able to perform that calculation. What makes it even more impressive was that she came up with the algorithm without any prompting from us.

Mason was doing a great job of addition and subtraction, but he also requested words to spell, which he also did a good job with. However, I was able to stump both kids by asking for words that rhyme with silver. And purple. And orange.

Allie commented after we got the hotel that the trip didn't seem very long at all. It seems that laughing along the way makes the miles go faster.

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