Saturday, March 11, 2006

signed, sealed and delivered  

posted by Michael Piwonka 10:03 PM
Yesterday Penny and I finally signed our separation agreement. After many fits and starts, we signed an agreement that is practically identical to what we had several months ago, interestingly enough.

On some levels, I don't feel any different today than yesterday. Everything seems about the same. However, I do notice a certain loss, and simultaneously a new beginning. I believe the word is bittersweet.

I can now move forward on various ventures, without being encumbered by potential legal issues. I expect to close on my new house soon, and I can also move forward on purchasing some investment property in Blowing Rock, NC, if that deal continues to evolve as expected.

One thing I did do yesterday was honor a promise I made several months ago while on leave in Texas. A friend of my brother-in-law Adrien, whom I had just met when Adrien graciously took me golfing, gave me some advice that, at the time, seemed strange.

Unfortunately, I can't recall his name, but I do remember that he was quite the celebrity in the clubhouse, having made a hole-in-one the previous week. His advice to me was to present Penny a single rose, wishing her well for the future, upon completion of our separation agreement. He continued that it might be difficult to do at that moment, but that I would be glad I did later.

I promised that I would do it, if for no other reason than to change the subject. I wasn't exactly in the mood for such advice.

Well, I felt an obligation to make good on that promise. So I sent Penny not a single rose, but a bouquet of roses, along with a note wishing her well. I also included a brief apology for all misdeeds, and expressed my optimism for her future.

I'll admit it did feel a little bizarre when I ordered the roses, but now I'm definitely glad I did it. It was cathartic.

While I don't agree with everything related to Al-Anon (the veiled Christian overtones, for example), it has definitely aided in my recovery from this part of my life. The main benefit I've gained is a better perspective on myself; such perspective has allowed me to let go of certain resentments, while working to make myself the person I ought to be.


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