Sunday, March 19, 2006

new venture  

posted by Michael Piwonka 11:34 AM
My brother Dennis and I are contemplating a couple new business ideas. One of those ideas includes real estate investments around the Blowing Rock area. Blowing Rock is a booming mountain retreat, desirable for many Charlotte natives looking for a weekend getaway because of it's relative closeness.

We're looking to purchase a small cabin (2 bedrooms, 800 square feet) sitting on 2.25 acres. We have several options for the property, including splitting the land into 3 or 4 lots, and selling them either developed or undeveloped. We can also spend a little to renovate the cabin, then sell it along with about 0.5 acre, and recover our investment. That would leave the remaining land for speculation.

We plan to close on the property in the middle of April.

We're forming a new LLC for our venture(s), Esprit Alfresco. The name, which means spirit of the outdoors, is nebulous enough to be used for any number of business ideas. I've created a simple, non-functioning website,, to secure the domain name.


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