Tuesday, January 17, 2006


posted by Michael Piwonka 9:59 PM
This past weekend Mason and I finished work on his Lego project, a helicopter under attack from a T-Rex. It was a large project with over 600 pieces, and took us several sessions, covering probably ~8 hours total.

Mason did most of the work assembling the helicopter, while I was his assistant (which meant I found any pieces he couldn't from the large pile of Legos). He was very proud of himself when he finished putting it together.

I'm impressed at the intricacies of the larger Lego projects, and often wonder how they go about designing them. I have to admit I enjoyed putting it together probably as much as Mason did.

I think I'll get him an even larger project sometime in the future. Perhaps I'll get the Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer, with over 3100 pieces (it's designed for ages 16 and over, but I can't wait 9 more years for Mason to reach 16). And maybe I'll even let him do some of the assembly...


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