Wednesday, December 21, 2005


posted by Michael Piwonka 11:03 PM
Thankfully, the closing on the sale of our house yesterday was uneventful. No surprises make for a pleasant closing.

We lived in our house for about four and half years, during which time appreciation garnered a nice profit for us. We're of course splitting the proceeds, but over two-thirds of the proceeds have been put into escrow while we complete our separation agreement. I think that that agreement will be uneventful also, and should be finished early next year.

When Penny had said what she wanted to get for the house before we put it on the market, I was skeptical that we would get that figure. I would have been thrilled, of course, but I didn't think the market would bear such a price. I told Penny that I would buy her a huge bouquet of roses if she was able to get someone to pay that price.

Well, we didn't quite make get that initial figure (we didn't even list it for that price once our realtor confirmed that it was not realistic). However, we still were able to get a very good price, one that I admit was still more than I anticipated.

So, to show my appreciation for her diligence, I bought Penny a small bouquest of orange roses (the orange color seemed just bizarre enough for my bizarre tastes). It gave all of us a smile.

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