Sunday, December 18, 2005


posted by Michael Piwonka 6:42 PM
Allie had an asthma attack last night. Unfortunately, we ran out of the inhaler medicine that she had, which left her coughing and breathing laboriously all night.

Having experienced the same as a child, I used a technique my mom used when I was a child. I softly patted Allie on the back, which had a relaxing effect, allowing her to breathe deeper than she was before. She managed to fall asleep for short periods.

The next morning we couldn't contact Penny to get the nebulizer, so we called our neighbor, which is also Allie's pediatrician. She had a nebulizer and the appropriate medicine, so we went over to treat Allie.

What started out as a "quick" trip over to get Allie some relief turned into a day of visiting for the adults and fun for the kids. I'm going to get a second nebulizer for my house, along with medicine, so we won't be caught without it again.

Allie is sleeping nicely tonight, catching up on the rest she missed last night.

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