Tuesday, November 01, 2005

mediation continues  

posted by Michael Piwonka 6:11 PM
Penny and I are continuing to work with a mediator for our separation. My initial feelings still hold: this is actually a relatively simple process, at least for Penny and I.

Since we agree on major issues, this process has turned into documenting how we will jointly raise the children, and how our assets will be divided. I don't foresee any big issues coming up.

As I mentioned before, the division of assets is a simple accounting exercise; we simply add up all our assets and divide by 2. Since we are selling the house, its proceeds will provide the cash that both of us can use to "buy out" the other if one of us wants to keep a certain asset. In the case of our cars, Penny wants both of them, so we will make the appropriate accounting entry to offset her house proceeds by half of the cars' value.

The furniture, retirement accounts, businesses, etc., all follow the same principle. I expect us to finish this up within a week or so.

Regarding the parenting arrangement, we will take turns having the kids on all major holidays. By some purely accidental factors, Penny will have the kids this year for Thanksgiving and Christmas, after having them for Halloween also, which means I will have them for all those holidays next year.

While this isn't optimal from my perspective, I can deal with it. However, after discussing it with Penny, she has graciously offered to reverse Thanksgiving this year so it will make it more equitable each year.

After discussing with the mediator how some couples have difficulty resolving such issues, I'm glad that Penny and I are able to be civil and agreeable.


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