Saturday, November 26, 2005

blowing rock  

posted by Michael Piwonka 11:11 AM
I decided to take a road trip to Blowing Rock on Thanksgiving. The trip proved to be beautiful and relaxing, but not without a few surprises.

The views are spectacular. The hills have a blue tone that is hard to believe until you witness it firsthand.

I stopped by the Six Pence Pub for some Shepherd's Pie (rather than the expected turkey), and met a couple from Raleigh who had recently purchased 21 acres of undeveloped land with plans to subdivide, resell portions, and then build their dream house on the best portion. They have developed subdivisions in Pennsylvania and on an island off the west coast of Florida.

They gave me a tip to take a drive down a dirt road that passed by their property, and lead to more great views and many waterfalls.

I also passed a number of poor mountain people, living in broken down houses without electricity, lawns littered with abandoned automobiles. It's a thin line between the poverty of the old mountain communities and the affluent lifestyle of the growing mountain resort.

The next morning I ran into the same couple at the local breakfast joint, where they bought my breakfast. They invited me along to view their property with a realtor. We had an invigorating hike up the steep terrain of the property, after which the exhausted realtor mentioned that she had failed to take her blood pressure medicine.

So before she took us to a property that she said would be "perfect" for me, we stopped by her house so she could take her medicine. As she ran into the house, the conversation in the car wandered around to the fact that the woman sitting next to me in the back seat was her husband's fifth wife! He was her second husband. I didn't know how to respond, but wondered to myself how a person could marry someone who had 4 previous spouses. What could reassure her, I thought, that this marriage would end up differently than his previous four?

When we arrived at the property intended for me, I had to admit the property was just about perfect. It had a small two-bedroom cabin on ~2.5 acres. The property could be subdivided, and the owner is willing to finance the transaction. I am seriously thinking about it, but given my current separation, it's all progressing a little too rapidly for me.

But the fun really started after we left that property. As the realtor drove us around the area, she started driving dangerously, swerving all over the road. I was starting to get a little nervous in the back seat, but was biting my tongue, not sure if this was how she normally drove. But her speech was becoming slurred also. Suddenly, the wife of the couple spoke up that she thought her husband should drive since she was concerned about the realtor's health.

After a little hesitation, the realtor relinquished the wheel, then added that she was a little concerned that she perhaps had taken a sleeping pill instead of her blood pressure medicine!

Thankfully we made it back to town in one piece after our "mutiny", and I said goodbye to my new friends. I enjoyed the relaxing trip, and plan to return to Blowing Rock soon. While I may not be able to purchase some property there soon, I definitely want to one day.

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