Sunday, October 09, 2005


posted by Michael Piwonka 10:12 PM
Penny and I had an interesting conversation today as we discussed various issues that lead to our separation. Penny has always contended that we have differing views on religion, and I would agree with her on that contention.

However, Penny said something that surprised me, and made me think that maybe our views aren't so different after all. She says that while her spiritual connection with the god of her understanding has never been greater, she's not sure about the value of organized religion.

Unfortunately I can't remember who this quote is attributed to, but I agree with it (paraphrasing): Religion is the best and worst thing man ever created.

I think that when we see the outpouring of support for mankind in the face of disasters like the recent Gulf Coast hurricanes, we see religion at its best. It unites and mobilizes people to do things greater than themselves.

Conversely, when religion is bastardized for purposes like flying airplanes into buildings to kill innocent people, or blowing up a Federal building, or killing doctors at abortion clinics, or feigning divine instructions to justify war, we see the ugly side of man's religions.

Fortunately, while the ugly side dominates the front pages, such uses of religion are in the minority. Instead, the vast majority of mankind embraces those transcendent values that most cultures of the world accept as desirable.


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